World as a classroom ! Travel-learn Posted near Medellín

Dear nomad friends, I am Marcela from medellin colombia, founder of

I would love to invite you to check out what we do, we believe traveling is not only a transformative experience but also the most authentic way of learning! Therefore we create learning journeys in different destinations around the world

We learn through local mentors and local communities, we discover the country through the eyes of the local people !

If you are interested in learning more about it or earning money by referring people that you think might be interested we would love to talk to you, it can become a great source of income and it would help us spread the word!

Looking forward to meet you soon!

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GreatWebsitePlans .com

GreatWebsitePlans .com

Marcela, That's right - travelling can be a deeply transformative experience. Even crossing a short distance, can be liberating to the mind. Samm

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