Most nomad-friendly ski destination? Posted in Powder Hounds (Skiing and Snowboarding)

I've spent the last couple of seasons wintering in Nagano, Japan - I can't help but think there must be a better destination for a cold-loving nomad. Anyone have any tips or recommendations?

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Ercan Büyükcafer

Ercan Büyükcafer

I can recommend you 3 destination in Turkey, first one is uludağ second one is sarıkamış

and last one is saklıkent

for Turkey sarıkamış is the coldest one, and saklıkent is the warmest, even if you are lucky at saklikent/antalya you can swim in mediterranean sea after skiing in the same day. as for as I know saklikent is the closest ski center to equator.

Sakarya, Turkey 5 years ago