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Aspiring Digital Nomads

For those still stuck in a 9 to 5 job and working towards a nomadic lifestyle. This group is for tips and discussions on what you can do to escape the workplace.

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Any aspiring digital nomads out there?

Hello! My name is Tim and I’m an aspiring digital nomad seeking freedom from the 9-5 culture and aiming to travel more. Currently working in the medical industry and transitioning towards online business. I’m interested so far in front end web development, product creation, and blogging until my knowledge advances further. I love to travel, backpack, and meet new people as hobbies. Be forewarned, I am still learning about online business but do have some basic knowledge.

I’m looking for friends who are starting out like me and want to build a support network. It may be difficult to go at it alone so why not connect with each other. We can share and probably go a lot further together. Would be cool to meet like minded people. Cheers!

Timothy Hoàng


Email: [email protected]

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