Helps and reequests about house and rents.

The Entrepreneur House

The Entrepreneur House is a place for co-living/co-working for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world. We have had 4 successf...

Java Coders

Java is a platform independent programming language.It means that program is written once and the program is executed irrespective of the operating sy...

Rubber Tramps & Vandwellers

A group for those of us that work on wheels! Share your experiences and ideas about living the life while working from your vehicle.


Lgbtt and queer Nomads. Share your experience about LGBTT in cities and countries.

Customer Success

Customer Success discussions, questions, insights, jobs & all related.

PHP Developers

A group for PHP developers everywhere!

Barcelona Digital Nomads and Online Entrepreneurs

A group for professional and aspiring online entrepreneurs/digital nomads living in or visiting Barcelona!