Housesitting, Petsitting, Work Exchange, etc.

For nomads that housesit, pet sit, or otherwise exchange some form of labor/work for accommodation while traveling.

Atlanta Nomads

Nomad networking for Atlanta, GA, USA

Nomad teamwork

A group for digital nomads who manage and/or take part in distributed teams. A place to share experiences, best practices, stories, tools, hints and...

digital nomads in Cape Town

Somewhere in the southern tip of Africa lies the most beautiful place in THE WORLD ,the mother city ,..CAPE TOWN LOVE ! We all eventually fall in lov...

Spiritual Nomads

Hi guys, and ladies. As digital nomads we experience freedom, safety and stability in levels which are far above the common population. This experi...


If a deck of cards is one of your essentials when traveling around the world, this is the group for you!