What is a Digital Nomad?

nomadTechnically, we’re “Location Independent Professionals,” but we like the sound of Nomad: wandering the steppes, the mountains, the beaches or anywhere else, Nomads aren’t tied to one spot. We’re revolutionizing the idea of “work." Thanks to advances in telecommunications, many people, people like you, don’t necessarily have to go to an office to do their job. Basically, this means we work remotely. It’s just that instead of working from “home” or a local coffee shop, we’ve taken things a step further and work from different cities, different countries, different continents. All we need is a laptop, an internet connection, our skillsets and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Can Become a Nomad?

Anyone who works from a computer! Of course, there are the usual suspects, like programmers, web designers, translators, graphic designers, marketers, writers and freelance-based professionals, but you’d be surprised how easy it is for other workers to leave the office behind, too. If most of the work you do is on a computer and over the phone, why not do it all from your own home? And if you can do it all from home, why not from Thailand, Jakarta or Lithuania? It’s a big step, we know, but we’re here to help. If you’ve always wanted to travel more but don’t have the time or money, just take your job with you!

nomadThe internet is of course your greatest asset, letting you keep in close touch with your clients and/or company via email, Skype, VoIP calls and cloud-based apps. You’ll be traveling, maybe for a month, a year, a decade, but you’ve still got a job to do! Fortunately, internet access availability is only increasing and in most places it’s cheap, fast and reliable. Once you choose a destination and set up shop there, getting your work done won’t be a problem – as long as you don’t get too distracted by the amazing foreign culture right outside your door.

What Does the Digital Nomad.Network Have for Me?

In a word, information. From jobs to event listings to data on different cities and countries, at Nomad.Network we want to provide you with the information you need to live out your traveling dreams. This means info on other Nomads in the area and statistics on housing and food prices, internet availability and speed, level of English, climate data and more. Don’t pay too much for your flat and don’t get caught in the rainy season – check with us to make sure you’ve always got a plan and know what you’re getting into.

What Do I Need?

It’s tough to go it alone and that’s what we’re here for. Nomad.Network is a network of travelers working from laptops and smartphones around the world. By pooling our knowledge, advice and resources, we’re all stronger, safer and more successful. This can mean networking for news about new clients and job opportunities, connecting with Nomads in the city you’re moving to for help and support or even meeting up and creating common workspaces and residences.
You can count on us, the Digital Nomad community, to help you with questions about taxes, visas, health insurance, international banking, local laws and customs and keeping in touch with your friends and family back home. And if you have any advice based on your own experiences, feel free to share it!

So Where Can I Go?

nomadIt’s all up to you. Many Nomads head for the beach, writing articles or coding software with an ocean view. Others prefer jungles or mountains or perhaps the classic cities of Europe and Asia. But being a Nomad and going somewhere new doesn’t mean you have to set off for somewhere “exotic.” There are plenty of new, interesting places in your own country or region to check out. And obviously, the biggest draw of the Nomad life, whether you’re doing it temporarily or long-term, is that you don’t have to settle in if you don’t want to. In love with Taiwan but ready for something different? Just get on a plane.
What we’re trying to do here is help each other cope with the challenges of a nomadic lifestyle: making connections in new cities, feeling overwhelmed by options, finding the energy it takes to move frequently and having the discipline you need to get to work (or even know when to stop working).

We’re just starting up but we can’t wait for you to join our community, wherever you might find yourself.