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Hi Nomads! This is my first time on the site so I am not sure if I am writing this in the right area but I am currently staying in an Airbnb that does not accept packages. I need to have something shipped to me, does anyone have any suggestions? Can the Post Office here accept and hold packages and I can go pick it up? Thank you in advance!

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Doğan Turan

Doğan Turan

Hi Olivia, this is also my first post :)) I used Glocalzone to ship items from abroad to Madrid. It was very easy and cheap :))) Maybe you can try it.

P.S. : I found my flatmate on Glocalzone :D He was a traveler and we met on Glocalzone shopping.

Istanbul, Turkey 3 years ago Reply

James  Frosting

James Frosting

I also used Glocalzone which was good and simple experience. Would definitely advise it!

New York, NY, USA 3 years ago Reply

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