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I'm traveling to Bolivia, Peru and Colombia for 2 months from USA. Any recommendations on how to purchase the plane tickets? Should I purchase directly from US for multi-city locations, purchase once in Bolivia > Peru > Colombia? Any of you have noticed a difference in prices? What do you recommend based on your experience? First time doing this type of adventure......Thank you!!

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Cristian Andariego

Cristian Andariego

Hi there,

I think the prices are the lowest if you buy directly from the airlines' websites. There's only a couple that do those direct flights in South America, which are used by locals.

The most important thing I'd warn you about is the onward ticket verification they do in any of those countries, when you check in at the airport: basically they ask you for a onward flight ticket, from the country you are about to fly to. It's some law that requires the airline to make sure that you won't just stay in your destination country forever and that you'll move on at some point. Facist crap if you ask me but yeah.

Good luck on your adventure.


Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, United Kingdom 3 years ago