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Novice programmer

I am bombarded constantly with different programming languages and never have the opp to complete one. I found a project and is getting ready to set it up. I am stuck with knowing which program will fullfil my requirements to become a software developer. I did little bit of Java, Python, Php, HTML, CSS and javascript. I am frustrated and need some hand-on guidance.

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Developing my skills


I am new so please bear with me...

I recently started learning code, I am studying python, html, javascript, php, sql, java. In a couple of months, I will start with visual and .net

Sadly, I haven't had the chance to practice with real life projects, and I would really love to.

If anyone can think of anything I could help you with that will also help me practice please feel free to ask. Think of me as an "intern", just trying to hone my skills and keep the stuff I am learning fresh in my brain. I am finding some interesting coding challenges everywhere, which will keep me busy for a while, but you know... just a while.

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How do you automate your life?

This article has inspired me to automate parts of my digital life:

How do you do this?

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looking to hire some devs

I'm putting together some small business grants (US) and am looking to line up some developers.

You can work wherever you choose, better yet if it is somewhere I would like to go for remote meetings.

You should have a) demonstrated skills working remotely; and b) be a full stack dev as we'd be lean to begin (one or two devs).

The projects generally are to build SaaS tools in support of genomics, computational biology, and personalized medicine.

The projects would fund around January 2016.

Interested? Let's get the convo started here!

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Hi what's happening?

Is everyone working for their own company or someone else's?

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nice site what's it built with?

This is a nice place. What technologies did you use to build it?

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Just playing with it!. How are you doing guys? Greetings from Thailand.

Can I add some random HTML here? Let's try: bold, .

What about markdown? Is this bold?


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Hey guys!

Who work with sinatra and backbone? Can you share your skills?


Oh, I live on Brazil, Florianopolis.

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