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Looking for people to share a villa with in Bali

Hey guys,

I am looking for people to share a villa with in Bali in first week of October to November first week. It will have fast internet, pool etc. Shouldn't cost more than $700 for a single and $500 for a shared. PM if you want more details.


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What is financial challenging you?


My name is Cornelis a Dutch student and I'm currently in China for my graduation assignment (thesis). My research is all about location independent businesses, especially what challenges and issues entrepreneurs financial face.

I created a survey to distribute to Location Independent Businesses, unfortunatley the response rate is low, what means I don't have enough data to make a decent and representative analysation. May I ask 5 minutes of your time to fill out this survey?

I would love to share the results, but before I can do that, I need to have more respondents. Will you help me graduate?

Thanks in advance!

Link survey:

Greetings from Beijing, China

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Looking for a job

Hi all!!!

I´m new Nomad digital and would love to talk about it and share ideas ...

Kind regards, Francine

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Filling Expenses while traveling

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if how you guys managed you professional expenses. Can you declare things like coworking rental as expenses even if it's in a far away country?

I many countries it is ok to declare your coworking as a business expense and you get some tax deductions and such. But will the tax man accept invoices from Thailand or Spain if it is not your country of residence?

I was also wondering if using online booking services/apps, you could actually circumvent some of the potential tax problems. I know an app where you can charge credits to spend in coworkings. There no way for taxes to know later where you are spending those...

If anyone has any insights on this it would be great to talk about it :D

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Which Line should I adopt?

Hi dear friends I love to use Internet. Please help me to find my passion. Which skill should I learn? Thanks

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Digital Nomads travelling habits

Hi, everyone! We're Communication Design students who are working on a project about digital nomads. Would you be so kind to help us and answers some easy questions? Thank you so much!

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Looking for companions.

Hi all! A have decided to become a nomad 2 years ago. I have changed occupation, work, lifestyle and left my home 6 month ago. Now, I'm in Thailand, and have plans to stay in southern Asia for half of year at least. In few months I'll go to Malaysia\Indonesia for few month, and then to Vietnam or Thailand again, while working remotely. Looking for companions and fellows in this lifetime journey.

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online work

hey everyone! good morning from los angeles. I'm new to the forum but have been on many other forums before. Im currently looking into online work to experience different parts of the world like many of us here. Im having a hard time looking up a good list of online "careers" If anyone has any links, resources or advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Setting up business with digital mail scanning

Hi All,

I'm just starting out in the process to become a digital nomad, and looking into how to best setup my business so that (1) I can setup in a state with no state income tax and (2) have my mail digitally scanned so I don't need to have someone keep an eye on my mail for me.

Have any of you setup your business in this way? If so, would you be willing to give some tips on what worked well or what you'd do differently?

Thanks, Kevin

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South America in November


I'm traveling to Bolivia, Peru and Colombia for 2 months from USA. Any recommendations on how to purchase the plane tickets? Should I purchase directly from US for multi-city locations, purchase once in Bolivia > Peru > Colombia? Any of you have noticed a difference in prices? What do you recommend based on your experience? First time doing this type of adventure......Thank you!!

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