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Travel Constantly - How to pick a Coworking Space

Hey guys,

I wanted to get other peoples input on finding coworking places

When you head to a new city how do you pick where you are going to work? What makes you pick one space over another when you compare them? and What if I am going to be traveling a lot so I cant buy a monthly membership? If Im only going to be somewhere for a few days does culture/community matter that much?

Any insight would be great.

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Just built this little tool to make our DN lives a bit easier

Hey guys,

Being always working on the road, I sometimes find it difficult to feel at home, meeting people, order food when working on long hours projects, finding a proper accommodation, renting a bike, etc. Plus, I travel on a tight budget and I am not a big fan of the mass tourism industry.

Anyways I built this little tool last night to help me easily access and discover peer to peer and on-demand services in any country. I want it to be as practical as possible. I am currently in Europe for sometime so I built a very basic first MVP for western europe to see if it is helpful (dont look too much at the design).

Would love to have your feedback on this, what do you like or not, what would you add, if it would be helpful for you as well.

If you are curious send me your email or a PM with your operative system (OS X, windows 32 or windows 64) and I'll send you the download link.



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Anyone got reference for remote job for QA / Customer Service / Product role ?

I am a dynamic IT professional with approx 13 years of experience primarily into software testing with strong exposure (and some experience as well) to business analysis, product management, customer support, client demos etc.

I am currently searching for full-time remote position in any of the above mentioned roles. Let me know if you have any references.

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New in Town

Hi everyone! Just found this network. I'm planning my things to be a digital nomad soon, while building some online business and making contacts to achieve this. I'm a web developer, so if anyone need something, just ask! A big hug and good travels for you all!

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Locations with a great digital nomad community

Hi guys,

I'm wondering whether any of you can recommend places you've visited that had a really good community. I've heard good things about Hubud for example.

Rather than just find a coworking space, I'd like to find a place that has that PLUS a good community around it as well. A place where you can connect and share inspiration with other like minded people, from all walks of life. It can be designers, entrepreneurs, programmers, doesn't matter.


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New adventure YouTube series / Opportunity for an adventure in africa

Jau fellas. My name is Tobias and I'm travelling from Cape Town to Dubai in 1 1/2 years. I'm doing a YouTube series about this adventure. It's a hybrid of roadtrip, so my adventures while the trip and a documentary about the people I'll meet. I did some some stuff out there on YouTube so feel free to watch it. Its called ACME Adventure. But... it is actually only in german available. Sorry! BUT: I'm searching for buddies who want to attend me. Actually I am in Cape Town and the plan is, when I got my car ready, to drive through south africa for a while, going on in namibia and then to the east coast to go all up to egypt. Aaaand to Dubai my final destination of course. So does anyone want to visit south-africa? PM to me then. Until then, have always save trips. Cheers!

PS: On Intagram I'm texting in english.

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Cape Town in November 2016

Hi there, Anybody in Cape Town in November? Will be there, looking for people to meet, go out, etc. Best, Claudia

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Portugal in summer

Hi fellow nomads!

Would love to hear your feedback on the huge blog post "Portugal for nomads” I am working on. Please PM!


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Seeking Tech Co Founder to Revolutionize Life Insurance Industry in Thailand

I am looking for a skilled and self motivated full stack web developer who wants to start entrepreneurial adventure in South East Asia with me. If you would like to live in Thailand (Bangkok), love Thai food, spend your vacation in Koh Samui, and has no obligation to stay in your country for at least next 3-5 years, this would be a great opportunity for you.

About me Born and raised in Thailand. Moved to US 9 years ago. MBA graduate from University of San Francisco, entrepreneurial and marketing majors Currently working at Airbnb. 7 years of data analytics and product strategy experience in world class tech companies. Strong digital marketing background - SEO, SEM, Social Very data driven. Passionate and highly motivated to turn idea to product. Well connected to Thai tech startup community and incubators.

Contact me if you are interested to cofound the company with me.

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Documentary E_Nomades in NYC

Hi, Im a brazilian productor and look for DN in NYC in april or may to participate of the documentary about this lifestyle. Help me to find someone!! Thanks.

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