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Mexico in the House

Hello everyone, Im really happy to have found this site, I think what you guys are doing is amazing, congratulations! I am looking forward to become a digital nomad since I love to travel and want it to be part of my life in order to impact positively this world in different ways. I have so much information right now I've found on different sites and ironically don't know where to start. If you have any advice for me that would be great and I'll be very happy to learn from an experimented nomad. Thanks.

PS. Fell free to connect @joseluisgutgue

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Shanghai, Shenzhen?

Hey hey,

Just joined this week :) I'll be in Shanghai and Shenzhen in the next 2 weeks, anyone here there?

ps. btw, anyone noticed China is not on the country list in the destinations haha :)

Feel free to connect on Twitter / Instagram. And if you wanna know more about Shanghai & Shenzhen - just chime in, I travel frequently there!

Happy nomading, and safe travels!

Cheers, Nick

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Colombo, Sri Lanka, a place to live as a diginomad?

Hi everyone,

Have you been to Sri Lanka? How do you like it? Would you consider Colombo or any other place on this beautiful island as a place to live, for a few months at a time?

Here is a good article:

"Colombo for digital nomads makes sense. There are affordable and good places to work, eat, and drink out of. It’s a hub that connects you to a tropical paradise. It’s got the cheapest 4G data in the world.”

I'm about to relocate there and would be interesting to brainstorm together what kind of spaces, services and contacts other nomads would need there.



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Rich Without Money (eBook)

Hi fellow nomads,

Thought you might find my upcoming eBook, "Rich Without Money" interesting. You can pre-order it here for 0 € (or for a price you set):



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Why Apple - MacBook, what to in case of technical issues

Hello everybody, especially experienced Digital Nomads, I have just finished by first trial of working and travelling at a time. Travelled for three months through Brazil and it all went well, except that I had some computer issues. I had bought a 14-Inch Dell Notebook for the journey, but it did not have an SSD hard drive and the normal hard drive could not handle the journey up to the end and Windows also caught a virus. So, I am a bit fed up with Windows and also disappointed by Dell as the notebook still had a valid guarantee, but as I had bought it in Germany it did not cover Latin America. Therefore, I am considering to by a MacBook. It seems that all the digital nomads use MacBook’s. But when I spoke to the technician in Brazil who changed the hard drive he said that in Brazil it is much harder to find technicians who know well Apple technology/software then those who are familiar with other hardware and with Windows. He said this is because Apple is much more expansive and not many people can afford it and also because Apple products do not cause so many problems. So before buying the notebook for my next and longer trip through other Latin-American countries I wanted to hear the opinion of some experienced digital nomads. Why are you using Apple and not another hardware? Did you ever have problems with your MacBook while travelling and could you always find technicians who know the system and could fix the problem? However, everything you know and that could help me to decide what is the best to buy for a longer time being a digital nomad is very much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks a lot in advance for your replies.

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What does an airport means to you?

Hey guys, I'm making a video about traveling but not of any destination, this video is about what the airport means to the people. Could you help me out answering the question?

Thanks! :)

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English teachers semi Nomads.

Hi all,

First of, I'd like to congratulate whoever had the idea of creating this network for like-minded individuals. This is an awesome opportunity for us to get in touch and help each other in a daily basis.

I'm an English teacher, but I'm also extremely passionate about the idea of travelling the world. I have been to a few places on this planet, myself, however I intend to travel even more and impact other people positively.

The way I found out to do this would be through teaching English in unprivileged countries. I've done it in Vietnam and Thailand and would love to get the opportunity to it more consistently in 2016.

My question for the group there anybody here on the same boat as myself? Any English teachers who are also looking for opportunities in developing countries?

How are you guys dealing with this double life, one as an English teacher, another one as a Digital Nomad?

I appreciate the attention in advance.

Savio Meireles.

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Volunteer Project

Hi Nomads, I am looking forward to find a volunteer project for 3-4 months in East Africa or Southeast Asia. If you have advices for me, i am happy to hear from you.

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Any nomads in Europe April 2016 wanting to participate?

Hello everyone!

I'm a student in journalism from Belgium. For my final project I'm making a documentary about digital nomads with five other students. We're looking for people who will be in in Europe around April. We would like to follow a digital nomad's live: Is it easy to adapt to different surroundings, how do you work, why, starting a new life from scratch, cool stories during travelling etc.

Like I said, we would really like to stay in Europe, because we have a limited budget and time. If you are interested or you know someone who would like to help us, please don't hesitate to react. For more questions you can leave a reaction here and I'll message you!

Thanks in advance!


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Low-Budget Trip

Hi nomads! Have you done any moneyless adventure before? What was the your budget for a week? Most of you should be watched the "Around the World in 80 Days" . So do you think that is it possible to do this kind of trip with low-budget?

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