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Anyone from India

Any Digital Nomad from Mumbai who wants to meet up for a couple of drinks (or Coffee)?

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Which cities are the most fun for big nature and a lil nightlife?

Every city has its own little charms and benefits/assets but I'm curious where my fellow nomads have had their most 'memorable' experiences? I had super fast internet in Laos and a surprisingly decent nightlife with great nature. Mandalay had what was a 4* hotel to me with fast internet for 18$ usd called the royal yardamon, great hotel, then further south in bagan, a hostel friend I met and I stumbled upon a unique entertainment show including unique singing performnaces by the local talent! It was a pleasant surprise! I saw (and even touched) my first wild monkeys there!

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Introducing myself to the audience - Mecha from Australia

Hello everyone,

My name is Mercedes but you can call me Mecha. I am from Argentina and I live in Australia. I started a nomad kind of life in 2005 and it hasn´t stopped since then. I did it because my job allowed it. I worked and lived in:

Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Venezuela and now in Australia.

I am trying to become a digital nomad full time, meaning, not going to an office anymore and work remotely. I am an SAP consultant and I love to travel. I just found my first remote job for the UK. I am still researching on the topic and trying to do this transition the best way possible. I know it will take some time and my income will somehow be affected. I read several blogs like The professional Hobo or Chris Guillebeau to see the "real deal". It looks like a puzzle as everyone has a different scenario. I found this website today and I was wondering how we can contribute to the growth of each other telling our experiences. I am happy to give information about the countries I lived in or answer any question you may have. Even though I am a rookie here, maybe I can help with small tips.

Thanks so much for your attention and looking forward to your interesting comments. Regards, Mecha

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Who is using Wordpress?

I was just wondering who is currently working on Wordpress? If yes what do you do? What project are you working on? Which Country/City are you at right now?

I'm currently in Cambodia working with other cool Digital nomads, cool spot to be with easy visa. We just launched a WordPress hosting service provider loaded with industry-best themes & plugins. It already saves time and money to Wordpress designers and agencies. Here is a special giveaway for you guys if someone needs it ;) Would be glad to hear from you.

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Onboarding experience

Your platform is at a great staring point. Building critical mass with community is always tricky. External marketing is definitely needed to help fill out the base. From a product perspective I recommend you encourage community members to act as recruiters. Implementing an onboarding process to guide members after profile creation would help. Consider the extended process SaaS platforms like Twitter have implemented to assist users build their profiles and networks. Onboarding also allows you to promote prescriptive behavior, eliciting a more engaged response from your registered user base.

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Im new Here and i need somebody help me :D and thank u

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Workation on Curacao / Digital Nomads retreat - 14th October till 14th November

Hi digital nomads! From October 14th till November 14th there is an amazing co-working event going on on the Caribbean Island Curacao! Have a look at for more details

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What is this site

I am new and wondering what I should do here. It seems pretty cool, what is this about?

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