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Social entrepreneurship discussions. Who wants to help the needy around the world with online/offline business while exploring the nomadic lifestyle?

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Nomad Social Responsibility talk in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hello All - I'm just joining this group, so this announcement is a bit late, but I wanted to just say that I led a discussion on Nomad Social Responsibility [NSR] in Chiang Mai about a month ago that was well attended and got a good response.

The discussion was really about engaging locally and being conscious about the impact nomads have economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. This coincides with a research project I head at Chiang Mai University on the overall impact of Digital Nomads on the local economy, culture and environment as well as policy prescriptives that could mutually benefit both Nomads and locals.

A major idea that I've been in discussions about, not only with people here, but also in Europe, is the concept of an Institute for Digital Workforce Development that trains up locals - perhaps in partnership with a locally-specific university - with Digital Nomads acting as mentors/advisors. This could ultimately provide a locally-sourced pool of candidates to perform IT tasks that would otherwise be outsourced on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork, while contributing to the local economy.

We hope to have ongoing meetings and more clearly defined goals and objectives as we move forward. Moreover, I'd like to think of this as the first of many Nomad Social Responsibility Chapters globally and so, encourage others among you to initiate similar talks in whatever part of the world you find yourself in.

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