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The Entrepreneur House

The Entrepreneur House is a place for co-living/co-working for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world. We have had 4 successful houses in Barcelona and currently creating one in Chiang Mai, Thailand. All are welcome!

Why are we doing this? One Reason: THE INCREDIBLE RESULTS IT CREATES!

The experience in the House is absolutely priceless. Day to day you interact with other online entrepreneurs that are very driven and smart business people. Spending a long amount of time with them alters your business and your mentality about business. Goals are set, new businesses are formed, new partnerships will develop, greater profits margins are achieved, and the productivity sky rockets for those living in the house.

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Who is in the house???

Hey gang,

I have personally helped 26 people/businesses to grow their business. There were new businesses, apps and partnerships formed, then launched and reached success. I set up the structures to set goals, organized an accountability system, and the co-working/co-living for these online entrepreneurs/digital nomads. We have had 4 successful experiments/houses in Barcelona.

I also helped build a digital nomad/online entrepreneur conference in Barcelona that was featured in Virgin Entrepreneur.

I have been a digital nomad nearly 4.5 years, living in Costa Rica, Peru, many cities in Spain (Madrid, Marbella, Seville and Barcelona). I have organized many leadership charity projects from building a farm for malnourished children in Peru to building a home for slave children in Ghana. Each time using social media and Indiegogo and causes for fundraising methods. I started putting co-working/living incubators together in Barcelona about 6 months ago and the benefits of this experience has absolutely been incredible. Especially seeing these entrepreneurs having such great success.

We have weekly meetups for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Check out our blog and live interviews inside the house.


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