Kikka Botelho

I'm a very simple person. I tend to see everything through a big picture, soulful lens. Thus I am constantly looking for the meaning behind everything. I strongly believe that our thoughts create our reality, that each of us has a soul purpose and that everyone we meet is part of our path towards self growth. Lets say that I am a free-spirited being with a sui generis mind. What do I mean by that?

After ten years working like a real workaholic inside an office and getting quite stressed out by not having the proper time for myself, I decided to work by my own and create my own routine in order to build a more simple and meaningful lifestyle, which provides me much more freedom and happiness :)

After that change I started seeing life in a more detached way and I realised that I need only three things in order to be in this world: Art, Music and Love.

ART is how I decorate my space, when I allow myself to create; MUSIC is how I decorate my time, this amazing and essential energy that flows through us direct from the universe; And LOVE, Ah! Love is the leitmotif, is how I decorate my soul...yes, self love comes before anything in life.

I am always researching into my favourites while keeping in tune with my spirituality. Lots of yoga and meditation are crucial part of my daily life. I'm a really intense person and passionate about life's meaning. As much as I know its natural laws, more I love it. It is all about entropy. So, I just keep myself moving (holistically) in order to find that balance, and therefore, happiness. ;)

Love and Light!